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tci was founded in 1991. In the first years we realized complex projects of mechanical engineering, which were comprised of soft and hardware. Well-known companies put complete trust in our work, especially when it comes to reliability and competence.

Their successful work constituted the basis and served as a starting point for the development and production of hardware. Increased automation of processes was a programmatic, effective, and forward looking step for the company.

tci excellently combines the demands of automation with dynamic IPC engineering.

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The know-how and the products of tci can be implemented in system and machine engineering, medical technology, safety engineering, in multimedia, network technology and the Internet.

These fields have close ties through high demands on safety and reliability. The highly committed team of tci caters to these demands by using the most modern PC technology.

The most modern CAD technology in use at tci
3D printing in prototype construction
Series manufacturing

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