This is how room operation works today!

Experience room control in a new way - our smart light switch. The perfect addition to your KNX installation.

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  • fast and comfortable
  • saves time and money

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    • luna10 and luna22 as adequate replacement for Gira Control 9 Client and Control 19 Client
    • you can continue your planned or started projects...
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    • replacing existing touch panels with modern TCI systems
    • no expesive and costly modification
    • different solutions available
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    • modern and timeless Bauhaus design
    • frameless flass front with multitouch
    • Full HD display
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    • pureKNX-app "worldwide" free of charge for one year
    • secure access to KNX-controlled home via cloud by any internet connection
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    • ambiento Design Touch
    • luna - New Design + technology
    • pureKNX with integrated user management,...
    • contatto with storey call,...
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    • NEW: pureKNX-Line10 and pureKNX-Trend16
    • equipped with glass front and touch
    • integrated pureKNX software
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