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Touchpanels in protection class IP65

If you want to use KNX-Panels in harsh environments for example near heating systems, in utility rooms or near swimming pools, they need to meet some other requirements than those KNX panels, which are placed in a Smart Home or a conference room. In this case protection class IP65 is indispensable. You can find a great variety of panels with IP65 front or completely covered in IP65 depending on your application. 

The panels can be used wherever an industrial device is reasonable for operation of KNX controlled building technology. All of the panels are available with KNX interface connection and integrated KNX visualization.

pureKNX Panels with Integrated KNX Visualization

Touchpanel Schalttafel

The pureKNX technology combined with industrial Touch Panels offers solutions for installation in control desks/control panels or for wall and support arm mounting. You can parameterize the integrated KNX visualization using ETS software.


Robust and slim touch panel for building automation. Suitable for use in damp rooms such as wellness areas and swimming pools as well as for controlling building technology in production environments. The widescreen display with capacitive multi-touch (PCT) can be operated intuitively, just as the user is used to from his smartphone or tablet. The 7- and 10-inch-Touchpanels E07A and E10A can complement our pureKNX modular Sytsems. The E10A-XS can also be used as a web panel. Easy wall mounting using a flush-mounted housing (UPG).

Panels for Panelmount

Touchpanel Schalttafel IP65

The 7- and 10-inch touch panels C70-XS and C100-XS are equipped with anodized aluminum front in protection class IP65. Operation takes place via a resistive touch screen. Both systems can be used as a web panel on different servers. Moreover the C70-XS system can be used directly as a pureKNX system.

The 7- and 10-inch touch panels G07A-XS and G10A-XS offer a continuous glass front with capacitive touch screen. Both systems can be used as a web panel and pureKNX system.

Panels for Support Arm or Wall Mounting

Touchpanel Schalttafel IP65

The 12- and 15-inch web panels K12-XS and K15-XS are fully enclosed and available with maximal IP65 or IP54. The design can be customized even in small quantities due to modern building technology. Both systems can be used as a web panel.

Android Panels for Panel Mounting

Touchpanel Schalttafel IP65

The 7, 10 and 16 inch touch panels G07A-VIG10A-VI and G16A-VI provide a flat and continuous glass surface with capacitive touch screen. Since the touch panels basis is android, they can be equipped with any app. Thanks to pureKNX app a KNX visualization is also available, which can be parametrized via ETS software.

Android Panel for Support Arm Mounting

Touchpanel Schalttafel IP65

The 16-inch panel PC is fully enclosed with a stainless steel housing in IP65 and is very robust. The KNX visualization is available by using the pureKNX app, which can be parameterized via ETS software. 


For other hardware or software solution please contact our system consultants