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ambiento.lounge - Smarthome

On eight touch panels we show how the occupants are able to control their complete building automation with only one finger in the ambiento.lounge.

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Why Smart Home

Smart Home is Worthwhile – Enjoy Convenience and Save Money at the Same Time; Opt in favour of a solution which will save you money in the long term - choose a perfectly designed and professionally installed Smart Home. At the same time, enjoy enormous flexibility and secure your investment while luxuriating in total comfort.

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Why Touchpanel

Tablet PCs Compared to TCI Touchpanels: There is Only One Argument for TCI Touchpanels: The Safety!



KNX is an international standard for intelligent electronical installations, which is going to replace the conventional electronic installations.

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KNX-Panel for Panel Mounting according Protection Class IP65

If you want to use KNX panels in harsh environments for example near heating systems, in utility rooms or near swimming pools, they need to meet some other requirements than those KNX panels, which are placed in a smart home or a conference room. 

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Temperature Controller

Thermostats are implemented using the modern digital KNX technology that allow data exchange between the heater, controller and ambiento.


Shutter Control

The shutter control with advanced home automation.

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Whether you want to integrate an intercom system or control your whole home entertainment system with all its components – no problem with the ambiento.

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The guests control their rooms with the pureKNX-app from the date they check in until the moment they check out.