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Smart Home is Worthwhile – Enjoy Convenience and Save Money at the Same Time

Opt in favour of a solution which will save you money in the long term - choose a perfectly designed and professionally installed Smart Home. At the same time, enjoy enormous flexibility and secure your investment while luxuriating in total comfort.

Independent studies have shown that investments in building automation are amortised by energy savings much faster than conventional solutions. Ideal controllers activate heating systems, ventilation, shading systems, lights and other electronic consumers exactly according to your daily routine. Even when you are not at home.


Not only that, you remain flexible and can make all the settings to fit in perfectly with your lifestyle thanks to the central controller – without having to make any structural changes to your house or building.

You will come to realise how quickly your new Smart Home becomes profitable for you.


Perfect Measures Potential Savings Amortisation Time

User behaviour, energy savings, 
„Active energy management

5 to 20 % 0 to 5 years
 Systems engineering

HVAC, refrigeration, lighting, control, drive systems, trigeneration (power/heat/cold)

10 to 60 % 2 to 10 years
 Building shelle

Insulation, windows, thermal bridges, 
structural physics

> 50 % 10 to 60 years
Reason for smart homes

Graphic source: „Investigations on potential energy savings through the use of open building automation systems based on analysis as per DIN 18599 and prEN 15232.“ Client: LonMark Germany. 
Contractor: University of Biberach, Faculty of Building Engineering
Authors: Prof. Dr. Martin Becker and Dipl.-Ing (FH) Peter Kroll | Table: Overview of typical amortisation times, source: HLH article Part 1_No. 2 – 2 February 2008