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Tablet PCs Compared to TCI Touchpanels:

There is Only One Argument for TCI Touchpanels: The Safety!

benefits of ambiento touch panels

Safety through Reliability

Industrial touch panels are designed as advanced systems for long-term use 24/7/365.


Safety through Availability

Fixtures touch panels are always available. They are not in the car and they do not acknowledge the crucial moment the service because the battery is empty.


Safety through LAN Instead of WLAN

Contrary to WLAN, LAN connections provide a reliable stable connection to your network. In addition, you can protected yourself and your building to prevent unauthorized access.


Safety through Quality and Durability

Industrial solutions are designed for long life cycle over many years. The spare parts are still available. In addition, the TCI-ambiento touch panels are "made in Germany". Your building has a longer lifetime than a mobile device.


Safety through Product Availability

Industrial solutions are more years available and purchasable. For consumer devices such as smartphones come to market every few months a new model with new features.