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ambiento.lounge - smart home live!

On eight touch panels we show how the occupants are able to control their complete building automation with only one finger in the ambiento.lounge. The possibilities are numerous: Energy resources can be used efficiently and carefully. Unintentionally lighted lamps for example belong to the past because of the visualization and central operation. The occupants control their cross-linked technical infrastructure of their house, e.g. lighting, safety, engineering and audio/video by touch function on the TCI touch panel. The control computer is connected to all technical mechanisms in the house, similarly to on-board computers in the cockpit, by KNX bus.

  • navigation and controlling with ambiento touchscreen (music, lightning and air conditioning/shading).
  • rooms can be controlled separatly on each ambiento or mobile with the ambientomobile.
  • Choising of specified room sequences (e. g. safed lighting sequences for different times).
  • Selfcontrol of room conditioning: manually preassigned thresholds of outside temperature or solar radiation.
  • The menu guidance is self-explaining and logically constructed, therfore the user is able to control and supervise the technical equipment without any technical precognitions.
  • Key functions are permanently available e.g. weather station and central light- and shading control.
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