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Modern Building Automation with Room Temperature Controller

Digital room thermoregulator can be controlled via the ambiento and the HomeControl Unit. Precondition is a modern building technology with KNX. Heating and hot water are controlled depending on the temperature of the room due to the modern digital thermosthat, that is based on KNX technology and allows a data exchange between heating, controller and ambiento (on wall installation or Built-in box). Therefore you can operate your heat station and retrive condition data, e.g. flow temperature or storage temperature, conveniently from your living room without going to the boiler room. Hot water control takes place through the usual time control, e.g. some switch cycles/temperature profiles, which include not only the time but the desired hot water temperature.

Reduce Heating Cost through Intelligent Regulation

Using switch cycles in modern housing technology enables an economy mode at night and during abscences from home. Room control increases the precision. Select the appropriate switch cycles and choose the temporal right cycle/scenario.

Differences of Room Temperature Controller for Under Floor Heating

Under floor heating can be used with intelligent room temperature control as well. Advisable is a seperated regulation. Therefore thermostatic valves are already mandatory for housing technology. Moreover a regulation through a seperate heating circuit could be advantageous. First of all because under floor heating is often used in spereate rooms. Secondly under floor heating is relatively slow compared to radiators. They get warm slowly and cool down slowly as well. Seperate switching times are useful to compensate this time response.