This 7" touch panel has the same functions as amena7-XS but fulfils higher design standards thanks to glass touch. The flat glass front is visually very appealing and easily useable.

In addition, the luna7-XS offers various mounting options:

  • UPG - in the wall (built-in box)
  • EPG - in the wall (flush mount housing)
  • APG - front of the wall in a closed housing



This panel is used via LAN-interface as a webpanel for many servers or PLC control systems.
Furthermore the operating panel can be used for pureKNX in the same installation position and display size.
Project planning is not required.



Reference projects   

EPGInstallation into EPG

UPGInstallation into UPG

APGInstallation into APG


  • 7" multitouch panel with continuous glass surface
  • CodeSys 3.0 support
  • Real VNC Server version 5.0.3 compatible
  • ethernet 10/100
  • PoE: IEEE 802.3at™
  • working temperature: 0 up to 35°C
  • storage temperature: -20 up to 70°C
  • power input: 18-48VDC
  • relative humidity:
    operation 10 to 80%, not condensing
    storage / transportation 10 to 90%, not condensing

see source code 


7" multitouch panel with continuous glass surface, 
embedded ARM Cortex-M3 CPU, ethernet 10/100, PoE, brightness sensors, CodeSys 3.0 support, Real VNC Server version 5.0.3 compatible, equipped with Image MicroBrowser SpiderControl & CoDeSys v3.x for XS-Technologie (SW-INI-MCB-IMG-XS-07)
Design: black


Additional equipment

EPG - Built-in box for flush mounting
UPG - Built-in box
APG - Housing for on wall installation
MONT(R2) - Mounting support set with straight plates for plastering

External top hat rail power supply, primary 88-264VAC, secondary 24VDC, 100W, 4DU

Operating Status P in W

Operate under full load, display max. brightness


Operate under Idle-Loop, display max. brightness


Operate, display off

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Technical Drawing