pureKNX - Touch Panel for ETS-Programmers

The advantages of tci-touch panels with 7, 10 or 16 inches will give you a simple introduction to building technology:

  • for ETS-programmers
  • parameterized in native ETS dialog,
    no plug-in
  • only 1x programming - multiple using: 
    - load the app to your smartphone 
    - smartphone will automatically find the pureKNX
    - ready for immediate use
  • Wi-Fi and internet
  • optional with door communication

Touchpanels Android - luna-VI

tci's android touchpanels offer technology, price and design on the highest level.

  • 7,10 and 16-inch touchpanels
  • familiar operating philosophy
  • large selection of cost-effective apps
    - many apps for building automation
    - particularly for visualization and communication
  • compact hardware with low energy consumption
  • launcher password protects against wrong installation by the end user
luna set left 2018

Touchpanels PC - luna


Get inspired by tcis new frameless touchpanels with glass front.
The glass front offers stylish elegance without any annoying frame - modern and timeless put into a nutshell.

As Flexible as Its Surroundings

  • classical into the wall with in-wall box (UPG
  • modern built-in box for flush mounting (EPG)
  • surface mounted flat in front of the wall (APG)
  • with pedestal as desktop unit (KTG)

Touchpanels Android & PC - ambiento

Back to the Roots:

You can look forward to a new edition of the design icon ambiento – in new design with even more appeal. The elegance, which characterized already the predecessor model, is combined with modern display and processor hardware.

  • frameless glass front with multitouch
  • 16-inch display in Full HD
  • Bi-Color-LED for signaling different statuses
  • modern CPU generation
  • screwless installation
  • digital input, e.g. for storey call buttons, digital switch output
  • integrated door intercom
  • software interface for Bi-Color-LED, E/A and temperature sensor
ambiento2018 Produktlbild

Touchpanel Web-Panels

The XS-Technology of tci combines ARM-based touch panels with an integrated micro browser for web visualization with popular PLC systems. This enables high-performance display of data visualization in a resource-saving and long-term stable environment.

  • 7 and 10-inch touchpanel
  • non-stop operation (24/7/365) without restrictions 
  • no irregular disconnection
Produktbild amena7 H masdar project

Door Communication

2 in 1 - a Touchpanel for Communication and Building Automation

In the middle of events: Use the open standards of your tci-ambiento touchpanels for integrated audio- and video communication via VoIP/SIP and video streaming right now. Using this opens up new possibilities, that make your home even more safe, comfortable and effective. 

  • 2 in 1 – one touch for everything
  • can be used on a PC-based (ambiento, mura, luna,...) system
  • cost-effective communication at the smart home via IP standards
  • successfully certified for leading producers  
    like MobotixTCSBaudisch 
  • Integration of the whole building automation for leading producers 
    like WagoGira HomeServerBerker IP-ControlAVITElvisVoyagerFacility-Pilot