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pureKNX - Touch Panel for ETS-Programmers

The advantages of tci-touch panels with 7, 10 or 16 inches will give you a simple introduction to building technology:

  • for ETS-programmers
  • parameterized in native ETS dialog,
    no plug-in
  • only 1x programming - multiple using: 
    - load the app to your smartphone 
    - smartphone will automatically find the pureKNX
    - ready for immediate use
  • Wi-Fi and internet
  • optional with door communication

Touchpanel Android

tci's android touchpanels offer technology, price and design on the highest level.

  • 7, 10, 16 and 22-inch touchpanels
  • familiar operating philosophy
  • large selection of cost-effective apps
    - many apps for building automation
    - particularly for visualization and communication
  • compact hardware with low energy consumption
  • launcher password protects against wrong installation by the end user
luna ambientoVI set

Touchpanel PC

Get inspired by tcis new frameless touchpanels with glass front.

  • 10, 16 and 22-inch touchpanels
  • Bi-Color-LED for signaling different statuses
  • digital input, e.g. for storey call buttons, digital switch output
  • integrated door intercom
  • software interface for Bi-Color-LED, E/A and temperature sensor
luna ambientoPC set2

Touchpanel Web-Panels

The XS-Technology of tci combines ARM-based touch panels with an integrated micro browser for web visualization with popular PLC systems. This enables high-performance display of data visualization in a resource-saving and long-term stable environment.

  • 7 and 10-inch touchpanel
  • non-stop operation (24/7/365) without restrictions 
  • no irregular disconnection
Produktbild amena7 H masdar project

Touchpanel IP65

If you want to use KNX panels in harsh environments for example near heating systems, in utility rooms or near swimming pools, they need to meet some other requirements than those KNX panels, which are placed in a smart home or a conference room. In this case protection class IP65 is indispensable. You can find a great variety of panels with IP65 front or completely covered in IP65 depending on your application. 


Door Communication

2 in 1 - a Touchpanel for Communication and Building Automation

In the middle of events: Use the open standards of your tci-ambiento touchpanels for integrated audio- and video communication via VoIP/SIP and video streaming right now. Using this opens up new possibilities, that make your home even more safe, comfortable and effective. 

  • 2 in 1 – one touch for everything
  • can be used on a PC-based (ambiento, mura, luna,...) system
  • cost-effective communication at the smart home via IP standards
  • successfully certified for leading producers  
    like MobotixTCSBaudisch 
  • Integration of the whole building automation for leading producers 
    like WagoGira HomeServerBerker IP-ControlAVITElvisVoyagerFacility-Pilot