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Web Based Device Management

The Web-based Device Management (WDM) is used to simplify and automate updates and configuration of the touch panels with XS technology. Without WDM you have to go to each device and do it manually on site, for example with a USB stick.

With WDM, both firmware and configuration can be updated over the network connection. For this, the IP address of the panel must be known. The login is done via browser with username and password.


Firmware Update

For a firmware update call the corresponding menu item on the web interface of the panel. The touch panel fetches the current firmware via Internet and installs it. Afterwards the panel starts with the new firmware.


Update of the User Configuration

In the first step you create a reference configuration at a local touch panel and export it. If single positions of the configuration - like the IP address - should be kept, delete the concerning lines in the exported file.

For the update of the user configuration you have several possibilities:

  • upload the new configuration to the panel via browser and start the update via the web interface
  • transfer the new configuration via FTP to the panel and start the update via web interface or via HTTP command - optionally also automated via batch process

Afterwards the touch panel starts with the new configuration.

For security reasons the password reset only works directly at the touch panel.

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