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pureKNX makes your hotel different

Every hotel operator wishes visitors who would like to come again and recommend the hotel. An important factor for this is a flexible concept for feeling good which considers the individual desires of the guests.

pureKNX is the touch panel, that takes care of your guests and works energy-efficient at the same time.

Welcomes your guest with
his personal background image.
Beautiful moments make the stay unforgettable.

Extended value added by the pureKNX app

Extended added value to the guest: In addition to the control of the booked rooms with an ambiento touch panel all functions can be operated directly with a smartphone. Simply get going by downloading the free tci ambiento app for android or iOS!

Time restriction: The guest operates his rooms with the app from the date he checks in up to the moment he checks out. After this period the room controlling session of the app ends automatically and the next guest is getting access to it.

Room restriction: Only the own rooms can be operated with the app. So every guest is the master of his environment and can develop freely without worrying.

The plus for the guest

Benefit for your guest

Touch panels controls all comfort functions like lightingand room temperature at guest’s option. They also serve as interactive info-terminals, whereupon the congierge can choose the language for the guest.


Personal Service

  • In the version of Trend defined apps additional benefits for the well-being of the guests care

Comfort functions

  • Controls for lighting (also definition of light scenes) and indoor temperature
  • Handling of multimedia
  • App for comfortable control per mobile phone

Actuality with pureKNX Trend

  • Menu of the day and accordingly proposals of the season
  • Activities or events with reservation
  • Weather forecast and special announcements
  • Presentation of the current responsible hotel staff

Background information with pureKNX Trend

  • About the offers and establishments in the hotel
  • About sights, public establishments about webcam, for example
  • Central audio and video library on demand
  • Flight schedules and time-tables
    (bus / suburban railway / underground railway / ship / ferry, e.g.)

The plus for the operator

Benefit for you as operator

Besids satisfied guests, you as hotel operator have also cost-effective advantages. By the correct use of air condition system and lighting the energy consumption will be decreased. Information can be provide signicant faster and cheaper. The staff is not busy anymore with routine disclosures and have more time for the individual wishes of every guest.

Central control and security

  • Pull up all blinds because of weather warnings
  • Shut down or limit the air condition system if the room is not occupied
  • Cleaners see which rooms are free
  • Quick messages and even voice messages can be transmitted unproblematic, central or individual
  • Local control, as well as by an app per mobile phone
  • pureKNX can – on demand – make videos and music available


  • Greeting through individual screen contents like greeting picture of the day of arrival

Saving of costs

  • Save printing costs, provide all necessary hotel information via pureKNX
  • Replace many buttons/switchers with only one pureKNX. By intuitive handling your guest get to know fast and uncomplicated the operation of his room.

Questions about pureKNX4hotel?

Please contact us or ask for a quotation free of charge.

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