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Technical data

  • Touch switches for building automation with KNX
  • color: black or white, special colors (RAL) available
  • customizing through laser engraving (icons, crest, logo, etc.) possible
  • Braille lettering possible
  • up to 36 functions storable
  • approximation function (the button is activated only when it is needed)
  • 6 operating areas: 4 button zones in the corners, a touch pad in the center and the "Wheel", for example for dimming
  • customized color schemes thanks to
    24 RGB LEDs possible
  • integrated KNX interface
  • parameterized via ETS software
  • touch surface 70 x 70 mm like a standard switch
  • optical feedback (color change), acoustic (clicking sound) or noticeable (vibration) possible
  • mounting in a standard wallbox or flush with plaster frame


  • working temperature: 0 up to 50°C
  • bus voltage 29 – 30 VDC (KNX)
  • auxiliary voltage 30 V DC
  • protection class IP 20
  • power consumption 6 mA
  • standby-consumption < 0,3 W

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