Touch panels

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pureKNX - ETS nativ

The easiest entry into the KNX visualisation– can be operated from any place in the world

  • for ETS-programmers
  • parameterised in native ETS  dialog, no plug-in
  • only 1x programming – multiple using
  • WLAN and Internet

KNX Panel according protection class IP65

KNX-Panel for Panel Mounting according Protection Class IP65
If you want to use KNX panels in harsh environments for example near heating systems, in utility rooms or near swimming pools, they need to meet some other requirements than those KNX panels, which are placed in a smart home or a conference room. 

  • Protection Class IP65
  • industrial design
  • panel mounting or mounting arm

Web Panel - XS-Technology

    tci web panels to control any web server in building automation
  • therefor rugget, fovorable price, fast start
  • Existing client for CoDeSys, Wago, Beckhoff, Simatic and many others
  • Existing client for pureKNX 
  • various mechanism to any web server


Ultra-flat touch panels

  • Android or PC 
  • design multi-touch with continuous glass surface
  • 7˝ to 22˝ in 16:9 
  • flush-mounting installation 
  • two colors




Touch panels for on-the-wall installation

  • design touch panel to mount on the wall, e.g. on fairfaced concrete 
  • 7" to 16" in 16:9 
  • two colors



iluna - Conference Technology under control

Desktop unit with excellent performance and low energy consumption

  • sophisticated design 
  • multitouch 
  • 7" to 16" in 16:9 
  • Android or PC

ambiento design touch

You can look forward with us to the new edition of the ambiento design icon – in a new design and with even more brilliance.

  • modern and ageless Bauhaus design
  • frameless genuine glass front with multitouch
  • full HD resolution
  • current CPU generation
  • screwless construction