Touch panels

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pureKNX - ETS nativ

The easiest entry into the KNX visualisation– can be operated from any place in the world

  • for ETS-programmers
  • parameterised in native ETS  dialog, no plug-in
  • only 1x programming – multiple using
  • WLAN and Internet

Web Panel - XS-Technology

    tci web panels to control any web server in building automation
  • therefor rugget, fovorable price, fast start
  • Existing client for CoDeSys, Wago, Beckhoff, Simatic and many others
  • Existing client for pureKNX 
  • various mechanism to any web server


Ultra-flat touch panels

  • Android or PC 
  • design multi-touch with continuous glass surface
  • 7˝ to 22˝ in 16:9 
  • flush-mounting installation 
  • two colors




Touch panels for on-the-wall installation

  • design touch panel to mount on the wall, e.g. on fairfaced concrete 
  • 7" to 16" in 16:9 
  • two colors



iluna - Conference Technology under control

Desktop unit with excellent performance and low energy consumption

  • sophisticated design 
  • multitouch 
  • 7" to 16" in 16:9 
  • Android or PC

ambiento design touch

You can look forward with us to the new edition of the ambiento design icon – in a new design and with even more brilliance.

  • modern and ageless Bauhaus design
  • frameless genuine glass front with multitouch
  • full HD resolution
  • current CPU generation
  • screwless construction