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HDoverT in Building Automation

HDoverT is a standard for the digital transmission of high-resolution audio and video signals over long distances. A great advantage is the use of a standard CAT cable, which can bridge distances of up to 100 m without any loss of quality.

HDoverT can be used when a display needs to be installed to another place than the building server – e.g. because there is not enough space for the installation of a whole panel PC
or the cooling system is not sufficient. Another reason to install the building server in a protected room could be safety because in this way only the display is freely available.
Only direct cable connections are possible - network connections via switches or routers do not work.

The communication is bidirectional. The transmission of controlling signals is possible via feedback channel (e.g. via mouse, keyboard, touch). The building server can also provide electrical power to the HDoverT display optionally.

function tci touch panel HDBaseT

System Configuration

  • The sever is equipped with an external HDoverT box.

  • An HDoverT interface connection is integrated into the appropriate luna panels.

  • The connection is realized directly via CAT cable (patch cable).

All Possibilities at a Glance

  • by standard ethernet cable CAT 5e up to 10 m, via CAT 7 up to 100 m

  • very easy, no separated KVM switch, no special cables

  • for POS applications, decentralized solution, video server

  • for applications outside: the building server is protected against vandalism

  • directly integrated into different tci displays


  • power supply for the display via PoH (Power over HDoverT)

HDoverT Products

Displaysize Mounting Touch
luna16-HDoverT 16"
Wall mounting (EPG)
Flush mounting (UPG)
Surface mounting (APG)
luna22-HDoverT 22"
Wall mounting (EPG)
Flush mounting (UPG)

Touchpanel IP65

If you want to use KNX panels in harsh environments for example near heating systems, in utility rooms or near swimming pools, they need to meet some other requirements than those KNX panels, which are placed in a smart home or a conference room. In this case protection class IP65 is indispensable.



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