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tebis KNX domovea von Hager



Visualization and control system tebis domovea combines the KNX bus system with the IP world. This was ensured by a server in a modular design that sits invisibly in the Sub-distribution and works also silent and energy efficient. Through this server, all of the data on each connected client are available - be it a classical PC, a notebook or a wall-integrated Touch Panel PC. Without using any hardware, the same functionality can be used as a software solution. Global access ensures portal about the Hager.



  • Server in modular form or as a software solution
  • Update capable of USB interfaces
  • Intuitive user interface to display and control of:
  • Lighting
  • Blinds/shutters
  • Heating control
  • Graphical representation of energy consumption
  • Integration of IP cameras
  • Integrated logic and sequence module
  • Global access via domoveaInternet portal (www. )domovea.com)
  • iPhone app for local operation or external.



  • 100 Groups (parts of buildings/rooms/etc)
  • 500 Devices for lighting, blinds, shutters, energy displays, sensors, etc.
  • 10 IP cameras
  • 50 Sequences
  • 30 Clients
  • 30 Profiles
  • 100 Energy-measuring archives
  • Image memory for icons and wallpapers 20 MB