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Quick Visu - favorable visualization for KNX

The QuickVisu is an inexpensive entry-level solution for building automation. It has a predefined user interface, that  the standard situations covers. Thus investment costs can be saved. In each room, can be temperature, light, blinds and shutters controlled. On several floors can be up to 150 data point addressed. The visualization and operation takes place on a tci ambiento touch panel. On the visualization side can create your own graphics or pictures can be stored in order to give the QuickVisu a personal touch. The QuickVisu either as a complete control and visualization on a touch panel PC (eg 8mura) or run as a remote solution. In this case, a rail-server with KNX connection (eg logico-hs) are used as control. Visualization is possible on a tci ambiento amena70 touch panel and the TVC (tci Visu client) as a web visualization. QuickVisu is Elvis 3.0 of IT GmbH based. If needed can you always replace with an individually designed Elvis visualization and control, without the hardware must be changed. Thus, can be implemented for example, switches, lighting scenes and other individual adjustments . According to the Elvis-term licenses are then much more data points available.


Questions about QuickVisu?

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