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The Plus-Energy-House steps the follow-up of the winner Solarhouse, which has won the building competition "Solar Decathlon". Since then the house was recruited in the course of the last 2-3 years as touring exhibition in different large cities of Germany for lasting, energy-efficient building. Now is used in Dortmund on Phoenix Lake as an information, training and learning of the energy and water supply Dortmund GmbH (DEW21) under the Climate Change Action Programme 2020. All external walls, the roof as well as the blocked windows are high warm-damming. Heat accumulators in the form of phase change materials so called (phase change material/PCM) in the house provide for a balanced room climate, by taking up and deferred again delivering the solar and internal heat gains. The assigned building services, steered through ambiento minimize the power requirement of the house. The current supply of the plus energy house is guaranteed over Photovoltaik modules, which are integrated on the roof installed and into the sun protection lamellas. The surplus energy will be returned into the net. To the warm water production additionally panel collectors are into the roof integrated.

Bilder vom Plus-Energie-Haus

(C) Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Bau und Stadtentwicklung, Fotograf Herr Amin Akhtar


Pictures of the Solarhouse