Manufacturer’s Guarantee

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tci Gesellschaft für technische Informatik mbH (TCI) provides a 12-month product guarantee to the purchaser, which covers products manufactured by TCI.

Should a defect be determined with a product manufactured by TCI within 12 months after delivery, then TCI will remove this defect at their own option either by providing a new product, or by replacing parts or by repairing the product subject to the conditions defined below.

Within the scope of the guarantee, TCI will bear all costs related to the replacement of parts or the repair of products or product parts during the term of this guarantee, insofar as the defect has occurred during proper use of the product. Any costs incurred for the determining of the defect as well as costs of mounting and demounting at the customer’s premises are to be borne by the purchaser. Delivery and dispatch of products or product parts will be effected at the purchaser’s risk and expense.

The term of guarantee shall begin from the date of delivery of the product. Any services provided within the scope of the guarantee do not extend the term of guarantee.

All products or product parts delivered as or for a replacement are new or equivalent to new and in perfect operative condition; replaced products or product parts will become property of TCI as soon as they are sent off to or collected by TCI; the purchaser guarantees that there are not any legal impediments to such transfer of product and ownership which might result from third-party rights.

Any claims under this guarantee are to be made to TCI in writing within one month after cognizance of the defect. Current address:

tci -Gesellschaft für technische Informatik mbH
Ludwig-Rinn-Straße 10-14
35452 Heuchelheim / Gießen Germany

Any further claims, claims for damages in particular, are excluded from this guarantee. Statutory liability for defects remains unaffected of this guarantee.

The German law shall apply to all matters related to this guarantee. In case the purchaser is a merchant, place of jurisdiction for any litigation resulting from this guarantee shall be the location of the registered office of TCI.

Terms of guarantee:

  1. Only defects that have occurred after the purchase are covered by this guarantee.
  2. The product in question must be clearly identifiable by its serial number.
  3. The voucher of the purchase has to be submitted.
  4. External factors, e.g. fire, vandalism, unauthorized handling, excessive temperatures etc., or normal wear are excluded from the guarantee.
  5. The product must not have been modified, except by authorized TCI employees or partners.
  6. The product has been used exclusively in a competent way according to the operating manual and documentation.
    Installation, operation, repair, and maintenance have been performed according to the instructions and the operating documentation the purchaser has obtained from TCI. This means in particular:
  7. a. Installation, setup, and mounting have been performed according to the installation and operating instructions in the documentation and by a competent professional.
    b. Necessary repair work during the term of guarantee has been performed exclusively by a TCI employee or authorized partner or with spare parts provided by TCI.
    c. The product concerned has been used exclusively in connection with compatible products.

Excluded from this guarantee are:

  1. All measures for the removal of defects that have been caused by operating mistakes, other incompetent handling, technical intervention on the part of the purchaser or any third party or any other external influence TCI can not be held responsible for;
  2. Costs of replacement parts subject to extreme wear and of consumables and data carriers;
  3. Maintenance or repair of accessories, modified parts, added parts or any other part that have not been delivered by TCI;
  4. Repair work that has become necessary because the limits of the environmental specifications in the documentation have been exceeded;
    defects that have resulted from an inadequate system layout, system configuration, and type of mounting, or from operation under inappropriate environmental conditions or from other inappropriate operating methods or from incompetent maintenance or inappropriate tests or from influences like contamination.

(September 2009)