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ambiento.lounge - smart home live!

With eight Touch panels we show in the ambiento.lounge, how the occupants have their complete building automation with only one finger under control. The possibilities are various: Energy resources can be used efficiently and carefully. By visualisation and central operation bright lamps for example forgotten belong to the past. By Touch function the occupants on the panels of tci central the complete interlaced in-house technical infrastructure, like lighting, safety engineering and audio video. Over KNX bus the control computers are similarly in the cockpit connected to on board computers with all technical mechanisms in the house.

  • Navigation and controlling with ambiento Touchscreen
    (Music, lightning and air conditioning/shading).
  • Rooms can be controlled separatly by all ambiento's or mobil with the ambientomobile.
  • Choising of specified room sequences (e. g. safed ligthning sequences for different times).
  • Selfcontrol of room conditioning: manuel definied leves of outside temperature or incident solar radiation.
  • The menu guidance is self-describing and logically constructed, so that the user don't need technical previous knowledges of the technical equipement to supervise and regulate.
  • Key functions are permanent available e.g. weather station and central light- and shading controll.