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Compact applications

Applications compact gives you a general idea on our projects successfully completed. Please contact us for more information.



ambiento.lounge - smart home

With eight Touch panels we show in the ambiento.lounge, how the occupants have their complete building automation with only one finger under control.


Temperature controller

Thermostats are implemented using the modern digital KNX technology that allow data exchange between the heater, controller and ambiento. 




Shutter control

The shutter control with advanced home automation.








As KNX is defined as the international standard for intelligent electrical installation, which will replace the conventional electrical installation.


pureKNX is the touch panel by which you can care for your guests individually and operate efficiently at once.





Whether you want to integrate an intercom system or control your whole home entertainment system with all its components – no problem with the ambiento.



ambiento is the perfect control system for the entire home entertainmen.



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